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About Gowell Education

Gowell is a Hong Kong-based education company focused on international education, corporate training and online learning. Gowell was first established based on the strengths of its award-winning online language learning platforms, GoChinese and GoEnglish, with customers throughout China and Greater Asia, the U.S. and UK. Since then, it has expanded into international education, overseas teacher placement and corporate training. The company is now delivering the world’s most widely recognized university preparation program in China through the largest learning center network in the country. Gowell places a strong emphasis on maintaining high quality education with state-of-the-art approaches and learning technologies that meet the needs of today’s learners.

History. Gowell started as an online education company, combining a strong focus on linguistics and state-of-the-art education technologies. Its online platforms bring to life learning materials by automatically generating the voice output, definitions, phonetics and other learning support. Learning and assessment content delivered on these platforms are contributed or customized by all participants in the learning process – leading publishers, authors, instructors and learners. Gowell’s showcase products include GoChinese and GoEnglish, which teach these respective languages with differing bilingual support. In November 2006, Gowell won both the top Asia Pacific ICT Award (APICTA) in Education and Training as well as the Hong Kong ICT Grand Award in eLearning.

Gowell is also providing comprehensive corporate language training, integrating in-person teaching with its online platforms that deliver multimedia-rich course materials customized and regularly updated for individual companies. In 2014, Gowell expanded into international education, operating GAC-ACT overseas education centers in China and delivering the GAC university preparation program. This program is the flagship international education program of ACT Inc. and the most widely recognized university preparation program in the world. It is focused on preparing students for tertiary education in Western education systems and its curriculum includes a wide range of academic subjects taught in English as well as test preparation – all while equipping students with the learning skills that help them thrive when studying overseas.

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